I’m on my way to Joshua Tree today
‘In my hour of darkness’ on the car radio player
I’ll stop for tea , a muffin and a Milkyway
Then it’s all the way to Twentynine Palms Highway

An old Indian Paiute
Waved me to stop the car under a tree
Like a spirit he vanished in the burning desert heat
Now I’m in the doorway of room 8, nervous and flimsy
When I looked in the mirror
I swear I saw you looking back at me

Sometimes I feel like I’m
Haunted by your words and your mind
You’re summoned at the strangest time
It always seems to catch me by surprise

Now I’m on my way to Death Valley today
Dear Gram please tell me, you will always be with me
I hear your songs in my head from noon til morning
I hear your voice, take in your words
They never leave me

Sometimes I feel like I’m
Haunted by your words and your mind
You’re summoned at the strangest time
It always seems to catch me by surprise


I was walking down on Cole St that night
Through the foggy streetlights
I heard music from an open window
Second floor to the right
You were smoking a cigarette and
Listening to Tonight’s the Night
Felt enraptured when you gently smiled at me
But who believes in love at first sight? Not I

In the middle of the night I realised
I couldn’t get you out of my mind
I decided to walk back to your place just before sunrise
I thought I saw your silhouette in a cafe by your house
But it was just the lack of sleep
So I sat there and waited for you to come out

You left your house, I followed you into the tram
I was standing at the back of the car
You hopped on the bart then walked very fast
All the way to fisherman’s wharf
I’d been following you for over an hour
In the San Francisco sunlight
When it dawned on me I was stalking you like a psychopath , time for me to slip out

Then you raised your head and saw me, I could not hide
Then you walked towards me and said hi, my name is Sara

We sit for a while, we cannot hide our smiles
While speaking our minds
Then we walk down Grant Avenue
Where my banter finally makes you laugh

And on California Street you take my hand
And I kiss you
I know then there is no going back

We keep walking all the way back to Cole Street
And I realise it’s not a dream

Is it love or lust? Is it something I can trust?
Or just a crush? I know there’s an answer

Is it love or lust? Is it something I can trust?
Do I misconstrue my feelings for you?

[You let me in, no way out
Take me into your heart]

There’s something about you that makes me feel good

Let’s drive away somewhere
Let’s drive away somewhere nice


Let’s drive to San Simeon Bay
Down on the Pacific Coast Highway
With the windows down, feel the salty ocean air
Let’s stop and contemplate the sunset
Just a few more minutes you said
But we’re running late, let’s rush down to Morro Bay

Driving down into the night, cliffs to the right, feeling tired and dizzy
Try to stay calm, music is on, it’s quiet and haunting
But I’m still struggling with a persistent sick feeling
Roadworks ahead, single lane, gravel and concrete
I’m half asleep in the front seat
Another green light, the road still tight
One long hour drive and we’ll finally make it down to Morro Bay

It’s all wobbly suddenly, increasingly shaky
When did I fall asleep I can’t say
I’m now drifting at high speed
Through dented rocks and dark green bushes
The ocean’s getting dangerously near
No brakes, all I can do is hold on to the wheel
It’s still incredibly shaky ’til our car crashes loudly into the waves

A nudge on my arm, forceful & firm, finally wakes me
The walls around are still trembling
An earthquake you said, let’s go downstairs
Then the walls stop trembling
We hold our breath and wait nervously, looks like the tremor has ended
It’s 6 in the morn, nothing major, just enough to wake us
And end my Pacific Coast crash dream
Misty morning, no one to be seen, the plant is till smoking
The sea otters still swimming down here in Morro Bay

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